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Eight Ways to Buy Organic on a Budget

I’m of a mind that thinks all food should be grown organically. Sadly, that’s not the case, so anything that is labelled organic (and not just produce), has a higher price.

However, I’ve never let that stop me from buying what I love. My motto is there’s a way around every challenge. I’ve touched on this topic before but here’s an updated version of eight ways to buy organic even when you’re on a budget…

Shop Sales

Just like other goods on supermarket shelves, organic products have regular sales cycles. Watch for store flyers, promotions, and use that time to stock up or eat all organic fruits and veggies during that sales cycle.


Not Just Grocery Stores

It seems like it’s not just supermarkets that have jumped on the organic bandwagon. Just the other day, I was in a local DIY store (which now carries food), and saw a whole section of organic foods like crackers, chips, granola bars that were a pretty good price. So think outside the box and follow the good deals.

Grow Your Own

Last year I decided to plant all organic vegetables and herbs and I’ll probably do it again this year. The extra cost was only around $1 or 2 per plant. It’s even cheaper if you start your plants from seeds.


Farmer’s Markets

Lots of organic farmers take their produce to markets and sometimes buying in bulk or buying at the end of the day can net you major savings on organic fruits and vegetables.



Another good place to find organic bargains is the local co-op. Just like supermarkets they have sales cycles so look for flyers and even become a member to get a discount.

Whole Foods/Amazon

I probably don’t have to tell you that Amazon bought Whole Foods so now you can find some of Whole Foods own brands on Amazon for pretty good prices.

Supermarket Generic Brands

Just like regular generic brands, companies have generic organic brands. One local store has a great selection of everything from crackers to milk. The quality is great and once again the extra cost isn’t more than a $1 per product.


You’ve often heard me sing the praises of Vitacost and they’re one of my favorite places to buy organic. Everything from organic skincare products to organic spaghetti sauce. They also carry Kroger supermarket organic brands, Simple Truth products that I buy all the time. ( I don’t have any Kroger stores where I live) And if you spend $49 shipping is free. www.vitacost.com


What are you favorite tips for buying organic on a budget? Share them with the BSG community and be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any upcoming posts.

Happy savings.


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