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Easy to Make Chicken Salsa

Just in time for Cinco De Mayo, I gave this easy to make dish a test run last weekend. I’ve been relying more on the slow cooker than ever before (a great bargain buy from Hollar!) and this chicken dish just needs three other ingredients.



Wash and pat dry, four chicken breasts (I used the boneless kind)



Place them in the slow cooker.

Top them with 2 cups of salsa.



Set on high and cook for one hour.

Then add one can of black beans which have been drained and rinsed. Also add, one can of drained corn.

Let this cook on high for another hour…depending on your slow cooker.

Serve with sour cream, cilantro, shredded cheese, and even more salsa.

An alternative would be to shred the chicken and make these into tacos.



Serves 4.

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