Friday Round Up-Save Money On Soap (that’s ugly)




Good Friday to you and it’s the last one in February. The weather’s taken a winter like turn but I know spring is around the corner.

The Ragu Giveaway

I don’t know if there was a glitch in the system last week or what, but no one entered the Ragu sauce giveaway so I’m running the contest again. The first person to e-mail me, gets the Ragu sauces.

Ugly Soap

I’m a huge fan of artisan soaps and if you’ve tried buying them you’ll know they’re pricey. However, as every Budget Smart Girl knows there’s always a way around the price. While I was doing some research I discovered that makers of the soaps are oftentimes left with bits and pieces of soap or ones that didn’t turn out quite right. Nothing wrong with them but they’re too ugly. Rather than have all this ugly soap piling up many of them sell you bags of the not so pretty stuff for a steep discount. I purchased one pound of ugly Dead Sea mud soap for around $14. So take a look to see if any of your favorite artisans offer the same deal or even ask them if they’d sell you some of their ugly soap.

Long Lasting Soap

While I’m on the topic of artisan soap, or any soap for that matter, we all want products to last longer. One way to do that with soap is to let it air dry between uses. I purchased a bamboo soap dish with slats and let the soap dry completely before I put it make in the shower or in a drawer…wherever. I’ve found it lasts twice as long.

Gourmet Supermarkets

You might remember me mourning the loss of my nearest supermarket when it closed about three years ago. In its place a gourmet supermarket opened its doors with prices that weren’t in my budget. However, things have changed. Over the holidays I went in there when they had a sale and was happy to see their prices have come down and in line with other stores, they often have great BOGO sales, and even offer a couple of discount lines, including an organic one that fits my budget. So my tip is at least go inside a gourmet supermarket and roam around because you’d be surprised what you can find.


Budget Smart Classes

Okay guys, it’s time where you can help me out again. Some of you might know I teach writing classes but someone recently suggested I teach classes about saving money too. I have an idea about one platform that might be perfect because it would allow me to give away some free spots for the class for anyone who can’t afford to take workshops.

What do you think? Is the Internet already overcrowded with classes about saving money or just saving money in general? Let me know your thoughts?

Another thing you can help me with which will allow me to put more targeted content on this site…tell me what’s you biggest financial challenge? Is it buying food and staying within your budget? Paying off debt? Saving money…funding your retirement maybe?

Leave me a comment or e-mail me and tell me what you think about the classes and/or your money dilemma.


Have a fun weekend and a money saving week.

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