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Happy New Year



Welcome to 2017 and the new site for Budget Smart Girl. It’s still work in progress while I work on the new graphics so bear with me for a few more weeks.

I was able to transfer everything over from the WordPress.com site to this new WordPress.org site but I’m not sure if RSS Feeds and the old Feedburner signs up transfer too so do let me know if you’re one of those people and if you received this okay.

So it’s a new year and what are some of your money related resolutions?

My main one is to put more money into a safety net savings account. I know we’re always told to put by money incase of an emergency so that’s my goal for this year.

A few of my other goals are to diversify my income so if one avenue dries up it’s not a major disaster. Next one on my list is to generate some passive income.

Another must do this year is to get back to more posting on this site. I want to add book reviews too. Not just any book but ones aimed at finances and budgets. I’m currently reading one about retirement money so look out for a review on that one very soon. If you have a book review you’d like to share just let me know.

Okay that’s it for this short post and please let me know if you receive this post in your e-mail that way I’ll know that the subscription and RSS feeds transferred too.



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