admin / March 13, 2015

Friday Round Up-Starting Seeds


I can’t believe it’s already Friday. I planned on posting some tips and links if you’re planning to start growing your vegetable or flower seeds now that winter (she says crossing her fingers) is behind us. I got behind with work so I thought I’d make it the Friday Round Up instead.

I keep a few growing containers on hand each year but I always seem to run out so this year I’ll be using a few items that can be found around the house. First one is actually found in t fridge and it’s empty cardboard egg cartons. I’ve never tried growing seeds in them before but I’m going to give it a try. I’m also cutting gallon milk jugs in half and using them too…just make a drainage hole before you add the soil. I’ve also been keeping soda bottles. I’ll be cutting them in half and using them to cover the plants when I put them outside just in case there’s a late frost.

One other dilemma I usually have is keeping all the pots together and in some order. I had some old horizontal stackable file folders that I was going to donate to charity but thought these will be perfect as trays to store the pots on.

I’m an okay flower gardener but somewhat of a novice when it comes to growing vegetables but there are lots of resources online. Miracle Grow’s site has a specialist you can live chat with and I found these sites for not only good prices on seeds and and yes, some are organic, but they have lots of advice and hints for getting started.

Also check your local county extension office as they have brochures, help lines and master gardeners who can answer your questions.

I’ll keep you up to date throughout this growing season as to how my vegetable garden is fairing.

Have a good week and happy saving.

Sweet Corn Organic Nursery has a buy one get one free deal going on right now-

These Smart Pots look a great way to plant a vegetable garden without much hassle or if you have limited space-




admin / March 4, 2015

Shop The Dollar Store From Anywhere


I’ve been checking flyers online before I go shopping and it’s a great way to plan your shopping expedition and save some money. You also know where the best deals are for that week. One thing I stumbled upon by pure chance are the dollar store flyers. I kept seeing items I needed but didn’t have that particular dollar store where I live nevertheless you can still shop there.

Not sure if this is news to you but did you know you can buy items from any dollar store through their online store? Great thing is you can also buy in bulk because most items are sold per dozen. Perfect way to stock up on something you use often.

Here are some links to the bigger name stores-


And here’s a link from Consumer Reports about shopping at dollar stores-



And Marlene Alexander has a newsletter you can sign up for which tells you about good buys at dollar stores, plus craft and decorating tips-



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