February Savings




It’s a short month but Georgine says lots of items are on sale-

February means the Super Bowl, Ground Hog Day, Fat Tuesday, Valentine’s Day, Presidents Day, Chinese New Year, and winter!

All great reasons to have sales. The best deals will be on appliances, fragrances, winter apparel, especially at Target and Bloomingdale’s, and cars; sales start during President’s Day weekend so get in on the discounts, rebates, and low financing offers.

TVs and Electronics

Look for electronics like large screen TVs, especially last year’s models.


If flowers and chocolates are a must, shop early or late, NOT on the 13th or 14th when some stores may charge twice the price.

Valentine’s Day Gifts

Jewelry markdowns will start popping up as we near Valentine’s Day. Try Macy’s during their Semi-Annual Jewelry Sale to get bargains for a loved one or yourself! While we’re talking about romantic gifts, don’t forget Victoria’s Secret. Their sexy lingerie will be on sale too.

Warm Weather’s Around the Corner

Start thinking summer. I know, it’s frigid out, but you can get not only great deals on air conditioners and grills, but the selection is readily available. Are you in the market for a boat? Now is a good time to shop around.


Hold off buying a new Smartphone if possible. New models are coming out during the next few months and you‘ll kick yourself if you get tied into a 2-year contract and you see something you like better.

In the Grocery Store

In the supermarket, there will be lots of Valentine’s packaged candy reduced the day after. You can still use coupons on these (some stores may vary) to save even more. Also seafood and steak prices will drop after your Valentine’s Day dinner has passed. Look for Valentine’s themed paper goods prices to be slashed. Keep for next year, or if you can find solid colors, you can use these throughout the summer during all the red, white, and blue holidays. When the Sunday coupons aren’t that great (they’ve been lukewarm since the start of 2015) always check the online sites like Coupons.com, Red Plum, Smart Source, as well as your favorite product brands own website. You’ll find lots of printable coupons that are offered nowhere else.



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