November Savings With Georgine



It’s November already and means the holidays are here. To help save money during this hectic, stress-filled time here is what you can look for in sales and specials at your favorite stores:

TVs will be on sale, especially as we near Black Friday. But in case you haven’t noticed, lots of stores are jumping the gun to promote sales before the day after Thanksgiving. You can grab a deal because the newer models will be out soon.

Boutiques will be clearing their inventory so if you need a wedding gown or dress, between now and Christmas, this is the time to browse.

Baby items drop in price this time of the year too. Look for specials in toys that are high in demand and will be non-existent as Christmas nears. You can buy while the supply is good and then return for a price match (if your store participates, if the cost comes down.

In the grocery store try to find sales that will be sweeter if you can combine them with your coupons. At this time of the year good deals will show up for turkey (many supermarkets have shopping incentives that will give you a FREE turkey!), butter, cheese, flour, sugar, chocolate chips, baking supplies, pie crusts and frozen pies, cake and frosting mixes, pie filling, nuts, dried fruit, oatmeal, soup, and broth, aluminum foil, and plastic wrap. Leftover Halloween candy will be drastically reduced so you can find your favorite treats at rock bottom prices wrapped in black and orange wrappers (who cares?). Many stores allow the use of coupons on reduced items for an even greater savings!

Dollar stores have lots of holiday needs at $1.00 or so. Buy your aluminum cooking pans, paper goods, décor, and even some grocery items there. Check your stores before you shop because Dollar Tree accepts coupons and possibly others do too.

Remember, you can always cruise the Internet while in the comfort of your home and in your pajamas and get great deals that are delivered right to your front door. Cyber Monday is 3 days after Black Friday. If you buy an extra something online in order to get FREE shipping, you can return it to the store and still reap the reward of qualifying for FREE shipping costs. If you add an item to your online shopping cart and then abandon it, in a few days, more than likely, you will receive an email offering you a discount if you continue with your order.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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