October Savings



Georgine has plenty of tips to share with you this month-

The leaves are starting to fall! That means the prices are starting to fall too. Look for savings on grills and BBQ equipment that can be saved for next year, or better yet, that can still used currently.

Columbus Day is coming up so there will be lots of sales. Remember, sale prices go back to regular price when the promotion is finished. Clearance prices stay or go lower.

If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace you can warm up your home on these chilly days without turning the heat up. Be sure the wood you use to burn is properly seasoned, which means for at least 2 years, if not, your heat-producing efficiency drops as much as 30%. It should be dry wood with cracks through each piece and at the ends. Split wood should be gray and the logs should feel dry and sound hollow when banged together. If you neglect to use a screen, glass, or efficient blower on your fireplace it can suck more heat than it provides and ash and sparks can spill out. Make sure the flue is open and enjoy your cozy, warm fire.

New models of large appliances are rolling in so you’ll save on last year’s stock. You may find some travel deals now as summer vacations are finished.

Try to book your flight on the weekend you’ll save more! Keep in mind that October is still hurricane season, so ask about cancellation policies.

Denim always gets reduced in October so keep your eyes opened for some sales.

In the grocery, lots of snack foods will be at special prices because of football games and The World Series. Combine coupons with the sale prices and you’ll hit a home run.

As far as Halloween costumes go, you can save big bucks by waiting until the last week before buying. BUT , and this is a big BUT, if you want a pop culture icon or fad disguise they are the first to go so you may have to settle for what is left if saving is important.



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