September Savings



Georgine tells us about lots of items going on sale now that summer’s winding down-

September already! Where did the summer go? While we’re still enjoying the remaining warm days, if you want to get out and exercise, bikes are on sale. Throughout the fall you will get some great prices especially on last year’s models. If you want to plan ahead for a holiday gift, now would be the time to buy.

Other summer staples to keep your eyes opened for are sales on grills and lawn mowers. Stock up on reduced utensils, charcoal, and lighter fluid that you can save for next year. If you’re into gardening or want to improve your landscape, greenery prices can’t be beat. Look for rose bush bargains too. Plant now to enjoy in the spring.

Summer toys and outdoor gadget leftovers will be priced low. As always, think ahead for items you can save for next year’s warm weather days. Just remember where your stored them! (I write things like this on my calendar, so when I transfer my special dates to the next year’s schedule, I will note where I can locate these finds).

The 2015 cars will be making their debut so last year’s models will be at good prices. Shop around and check edmunds.com so you can make an educated decision while you bargain for the best price.

In the grocery store combine your coupons withe sales on cereal, breakfast bars, jelly, peanut butter, lunch meat, yogurt, American cheese, snack cakes, chips, cookies, ground beef, hot dogs, hamburger and hot dog buns, salad dressing, ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, relish, canned soup and fruit, drink boxes, soda, and frozen pies. The coupons will start getting better now that summer is winding down. So before you shop, check the Sunday papers, your magazines, and of course your coupon stash. Speaking of filed coupons, I’m sure you have noticed that coupons are MUCH more short-dated than years ago. It’s almost impossible to keep your files up to date because of the varying days of the month that coupons expire. The easiest way to keep on target is to weed out as you add new ones to your file or while you are pulling coupons to match up with your grocery list.


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