Friday Round-Up-BBQ Potatoes

June already and I haven’t even got my vegetable plants in the ground, but I hope to this weekend. Also, on my list of to do’s. Make the first batch of strawberry jam. I have five containers of strawberries that were on sale so now it’s just finding time. And Meyer lemons were on sale. My first thought was homemade ginger lemonade but now I think I might make some lemon curd.

The Case of Look Before You Buy
I make things like pizza crust, pita bread, bread, pastry crusts…you name it, from scratch and it means I go through lots of flour each week. I thought I’d buy it in bulk to save money and saw a 13 pound container of white wheat flour…well, I thought it said flour! It arrived and turned out to be actual wheat. I don’t have a wheat grinder to turn into flour so I went looking online. Seems the electric ones are in the $200 range and the hand crank ones are avoidable but by the reviews, they’re not that great. I guess there’s always a hammer! I did find out that milling your own flour is a plus because, one, it’s cheap, and two, more nutrients, including the wheat germ oil are preserved so my mistake might not be so bad after all.

BBQ Potatoes
I’m always looking for new ways to cook vegetables and last week I made BBQ potatoes. While you have to babysit them a little, they taste great and pair well with just about anything. In fact, I used them as a side dish to next week’s Meatless Monday recipe. I think they’d also be good served for breakfast with an egg and cheese burrito.

2 medium potatoes, peel them and dice them into about ½ inch cubes
Salt and Pepper
About two tablespoons oil
3-4 tablespoons BBQ sauce

In a large skillet and over medium high heat, heat oil and then add the potatoes, sprinkle with salt and pepper and toss so everything gets coated. Cook until tender and slightly browned.
Add the BBQ sauce and stir to coat.
Cook for about 5 minutes or until the sauce had adhered to the potatoes and they’re crispy.
Makes 4-6 servings.


If You’re Looking for A Great Furry Friend
One of my favorite animal charities is Best Friends in Utah. Their site always puts a smile on my face when I see all the adorable animals hoping to find a home. If you’re looking for a cat, check out their site because they currently have a promotion where each cat costs just $9.

And on the Web-
Here’s a recipe I saw today and the lemon thyme olive oil combo sounds perfect for summer-

I’m guessing that most wasted food comes in the shape of a fruit or vegetable but this article has lots of ideas you can use before you head to the garbage can-

Happy Savings and enjoy the weekend.

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