June Savings


Georgine offers tips on what to look for in June-

June! Fun in the sun, no more school, Father’s Day, these are just a few of the highlights. There are some shining stars in stores too so be on the lookout for bathing suit and lingerie sales (Victoria’s Secret has their semi-annual sale this month).

Father’s Day means manly merchandise such as tools, outdoor garden equipment, as well as shirts and ties; these will be discounted early in the month. The first week of June is National Fishing Month which means in most states you can fish for free without a license (takemefishing.org).

June is also wedding month. Look for dishware, crystal, and small appliances to be at a savings. Macy’s, Wal-Mart, Target, and Sears will have special deals on these items.

It’s also a slow time at gyms around the nation because more people are taking their exercise habits outdoors. You can try to negotiate a deal with a gym near you because they are looking for business.

Believe it or not, (sorry kids) Back-To-School offers will start filtering through. Apple is expected to announce a new computer model with a lower price. You can also get value bundles which means stores will throw something in with your purchase such as a gift card or better yet, equipment to go with your purchase.

Hurricane season in the Caribbean means bargain travel prices. Check the Weather Channel and look for last minute savings. If you can wait until June 10th or so to book a flight for travel from August 25th through December 18th you will be able to take advantage of a coming airfare blowout that will make the competition among airlines great enough that they may match prices.

Check your local movie theaters for kid’s summer programs that give you a package price for the entire summer.

In the grocery store, June is National Dairy Month. That means ice cream, cheese, milk, and butter will be at lower prices. Look for seasonal fruit such as berries, peaches, and watermelon to be cheaper too. Wherever possible, combine your coupons with these sales for better savings. The website SavingStar has a 20% off a new produce item each Tuesday so check that out for savings on fruits and vegetables because, as we know, those type of coupons are rare.

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