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    It’s Meatless Monday-A Guest Recipe and Book Giveaway

    Remember The China Study cookbook? The publisher has gathered together recipes from all their plant based recipe cookbooks and come up with The China Study All Star Collection. I think it’s the best one of all because you get a selection of all their authors’ recipes. There’s a chance to win a copy. All you need to do is say why you’d like to own a copy and either post a comment or send me an e-mail. Contest will end midnight Eastern on April 30th and I’ll announce the winner on Friday. Here’s one of the recipes from the book to try this Meatless Monday. BARBECUE PORTOBELLO SANDWICHES MAKES 6…

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    It’s Meatless Monday-Edamame Noodle Bowl

    One of my favorite snacks is edamames. They use to be hard to find, but now most supermarkets sell packages of already prepared ones that you simply steam in your microwave. With their broader availability in mind, I thought why not make a simple meal out of them. I came up with this noodle bowl. You can add just about any vegetable you like, but I chose carrots for their sweetness…brought out more by the slow sautéing, to contrast with the salty tang of the soy sauce. Add some peanut butter for added flavor and you have the perfect lunch or light supper for this Meatless Monday. 8 ounces noodles…I…

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    It’s Meatless Monday-Potato, Leek and ‘Bacon’ Pizza

    I’ve been experimenting with making my own pizza crusts for my cookbook and had one leftover so thought I’d rummage through the fridge to find some toppings. I had lots of potatoes, some cream cheese, and one of my favorite veggies, leeks. If you ever get tired of onions in a recipe, opt for leeks. They have a distinct but subtle flavor that pairs beautifully with potatoes and yes, anything with a smoky flavor. I thought about adding smoked paprika but then opted to use some of the bacon bits I had on hand…remember the container I purchased a while back? Combine all of them together and I think you…

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    April Savings with Georgine

    Georgine’s money saving tips for April- April seems to mean spring cleaning. If you have been thinking of some chores over the long winter and redecorating is on your list, look for sales on paint and wall paper especially at home stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot. It’s a great time to find home organizers too that will simplify and tidy your life. Vacuum cleaners will be discounted because new models come out in June. Of course, gardening will soon be on everyone’s mind. You’ll be able to taking advantage of money-savers in the way of mulch, top soil, and lawn care products. The last Friday of every April is…

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    It’s Meatless Monday-A Sweet Snack-Peanut Butter, Oatmeal and Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Meatless Mondays focus on main meals but sometimes a cookie to be enjoyed as a snack is just what you need. Last week I came up with this recipe. While making it I also discovered another money saving secret. Gluten free is all the craze and many recipes use oat flour. I don’t know if this type of flour has always been expensive or if the prices have been hiked due to the demand. Any way, I decided I wanted to use whole wheat flour and opted to make my own oat flour. It’s easy… just put some old fashioned oatmeal into a blender or food processor and pulverize it.…

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    Friday Round Up-Saving Money While You Eat Well

    I finally squeezed in some time for a Friday Round-Up- First up, two links I found today with a money saving theme- Five products you can get for less this month-https://homes.yahoo.com/news/5-products-deep-discount-april-162008234.html If spring has you wanting to decorate your home, this might be of some use-https://shine.yahoo.com/at-home/10-easy-ways-decorate-less-193400078.html As many of you know I’m working on a budget focused cookbook and as I’ve been developing and working my way through the recipes I’ve learned even more about cooking and eating on a budget. Here are some things I’ve discovered- Homemade Isn’t Always the Best or Cheapest One chapter of the cookbook focuses on foods you’re better off making at home rather than…

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