March Savings

facebook-profileHere are Georgine’s money saving tips for March-

It’s March Let the madness begin! Everyone is tired of winter and looking forward to spring so look for specials on last year’s inventory of golf sets and equipment. You can find some real bargains. As far as bargains go, you can find coats, boots, snowboards, and skis all at major discounts because they are making way for spring merchandise. Shop now and these will all be ready for you next year when you open your closet.

Getting married? Or if you need to replace your china and flatware, now is a great time to shop. If you need a humidifier you will find these are marked down. Prepare for your summer getaway by finding closeouts on luggage sets and travel accessories.

Now that it’s after Valentine’s Day, look for bargains in perfume and other fragrance merchandise. The next holiday is a ways off, Mother’s Day, so if you can plan ahead, buy now and save.

If you are planning to file your own income tax return, tax software deals can be found online as well as the office supplies stores.

There are lots of mobile phone offers now since the new models are coming out. If you don’t mind last year’s model, you can get a FREE deal, as long as you sign up for a 2 year contract.

In the grocery store March is Frozen Foods Month. It’s time to stock your freezer and before you go, check your Sunday papers for lots of frozen foods coupons to lessen your bill. As far as produce goes, if you like asparagus, get those recipes out because you can buy them at very low prices. Strawberries are going down in price too. Of course, the meat departments will have corned beef specials in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. You will also find potatoes and cabbage at lower prices.

There are many apps for SmartPhones that can be downloaded FREE. These are very helpful if you don’t like to carry paper coupons with you. These apps range from store-specific grocery stores to actual coupon sites. When these are on your phone all you need is to show the offer to the cashier and he can scan your phone.

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