A Brand New Year of Savings with Georgine

facebook-profileGeorgine’s first post of the year is full of ideas about saving during the month of January.

Happy New Year!

A new year brings new sales and savings. Here are some of the items you should look for to be on sale or have special offers:’

Holiday leftovers. These will be somewhat picked over, but you can still get lots of bargains for your future decorating next year. Remember, solid color paper goods can be used all year long. Don’t overlook holiday-themed facial tissues, paper towels, plastic bags, and storage containers. They can be used in the coming months or you can save until next year.

January is White Sale Month meaning bedding, linens, towels; etc will all be on sale. It’s a great time to weed out your worn items and replace them. (You can donate your old towels and sheets to animal shelters, as they welcome them).

Large screen HDTVs will go on sale due to the upcoming Super Bowl. Everyone wants the best seat in the house. Also, MP3 players, computers, tablets, navigation systems, smartphones, video game equipment and games will have prices slashed because the newer models will be out during the second half of January. Don’t hesitate and pass up a good price because these are usually first come first served.

Fitness equipment to help keep your new year’s resolution will be at enticing prices. Sporting goods too as we all get an early spring fever! Gyms and health clubs will have special deals on memberships. If you would rather workout at home fitness and workout DVDs will be on sale too.

January is a good time to buy furniture because the large stores are trying to make room for the new models coming in February. Remember, the bigger the store, the bigger the savings. You can bargain with furniture sales associates for a better price thus magnifying your savings.

In department stores you’ll find bulky items like sweaters and coats greatly reduced due to the amount of space they take up.

You can even find bargains on the bubbly in the liquor store. Many stores are left with an abundance of champagne and sparkling wine from the holidays. Be thrifty; buy now to save for Valentine’s Day or other special occasion.
Toys will be marked down due to the surplus leftover from the holidays. Especially look for themed promotional toys, like from a movie; these will be the biggest markdowns as they have limited sale expectancy.

In the supermarket (always use your coupons) you will find savings on chocolate (look for Christmas clearance), soda, diet foods, and frozen snack or appetizer foods. Always check grocery store website for their digital coupons that will be added to your loyalty card. This will ensure you get additional saving if you also combine it with a paper coupon. Regularly check the printable coupon sites and, last but certainly not least, the BEST magazine on the market, that contains hundreds of coupons each month, is “All You”. You can subscribe to this magazine for $1.66 per issue. You will more than recoup that in savings You can purchase a single issue in Wal-Mart stores also.

Make a resolution to save all year long!

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