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    It’s Meatless Monday-Better Than Vegan with Del Sroufe-Chili Gravy

    Diet cookbooks for vegetarians and vegans used to be hard to find but here’s one to check out. Del kindly sent me a copy and it’s full of recipes that won’t take you off track if losing weight was on your New Year’s resolution list. I asked Del for his tip for losing weight and I thought I’d share it with you- I eat five or six smaller meals each day to keep me from being hungry and to keep my metabolism up (it helps burn fat). I love fat free hummus—it is high in fiber and low in caloric density. I eat it with vegetables like celery or carrots.…

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    A Brand New Year of Savings with Georgine

    Georgine’s first post of the year is full of ideas about saving during the month of January. Happy New Year! A new year brings new sales and savings. Here are some of the items you should look for to be on sale or have special offers:’ Holiday leftovers. These will be somewhat picked over, but you can still get lots of bargains for your future decorating next year. Remember, solid color paper goods can be used all year long. Don’t overlook holiday-themed facial tissues, paper towels, plastic bags, and storage containers. They can be used in the coming months or you can save until next year. January is White Sale…

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