October Bargains with Georgine


Here are Georgine’s tips for saving big in October

In sales talk that’s after back-to-school but before the holidays, especially Black Friday. It also means that you can stock up on lots of supplies as well as find some great bargains.

Believe it or not, it’s the best time to buy jeans. You can save up to 50%, because retailers are trying to get rid of the back-to-school leftovers.

Halloween costumes are already on sale and you can find coupons for them on the Internet and in newspapers which are good at party stores, and other places that sell them.

Find change-of-season lingerie on reduction too. Save for next year or use now on those Indian Summer warm days.

Cookware is also sale-priced for the early holiday shoppers. Think gifts or updating your own collection.

It’s Fall Car Care Month too meaning you’ll find discounts on car supplies as well as tires.
If you are in the market for one, RV prices will be slashed due to the new models arriving soon.
There are still some summer leftovers lingering around like grills and patio furniture. These should be at their lowest prices. Sales associates will be very happy to negotiate appliances prices too, so if you need a new washer, dryer, stove, etc., now would be a good time to haggle.

If you are planning a Thanksgiving getaway, buy your airline tickets now. Each day you delay will cost you an extra $5.00. Cruises are on sale too. October 20-27 is National Cruise Vacation Week. Book during this time frame to save lots of money.

Stock your wine rack with markdowns as the stores make room for fall harvest and holiday stock.

In the grocery store you’ll find Halloween candy sales galore. Be sure to combine them with the
abundant coupons that are available on the Internet as well as in your Sunday newspaper. To indulge your sweet tooth, wait until a day or two before October 31st when stores usually slash these prices as well as for any Halloween decorations that are still on the shelves.

Seafood specials can be found in the supermarket. And for those Sunday football games, frozen pizza and popcorn are all on sale too.

If you order online, remember if at the checkout you are asked for a coupon code that means there is probably one out there. To find this easily, do a search for the store and use the word “coupon code”. Some sites allow the use of multiple coupon codes. An easy way to find out if yours does, is to simply hit enter after each code to see if each one has been applied.

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