Friday Round-Up-A Week of Good Buys

admin / July 26, 2013


I didn’t get time to post a round up last Friday because it’s been a hectic two weeks with various projects.

However, it’s been a good time for a bargain or two. One of the consignment stores in the neighborhood had a huge sale offering 75% off already marked down merchandise. I couldn’t resist going along to take a look because I was in need of some summer pants and t-shirts. I ended up with buying four pairs of pants and three t-shirts, most of them designer brands, and one pair of pants still had the original label on them. The cashier said okay are you ready for your total for all these…$8.25. It always feels good to come away from a store with a bag load of clothing and all for under $10.

I also netted a 2 pound bag of cherries for free. I used my cash back bonus promotion at the supermarket where I do most of my shopping. Not a huge amount but I put them toward the cherries that were on sale anyway and ended up paying nothing for them. I’ve been thinking about freezing, them, drying them, or making something with them.

The vegetable garden is doing well and also the CSA box has been overflowing with herbs, especially basil. I now have five containers of homemade pesto and already have lots of ideas about how to use it in the fall and winter.

Despite my lack of time I did get some canning done. I’ve made a dozen jars of jam, strawberry, mango, and plum and ginger, and also four jars of salsa using the parsley and spicy peppers from the CSA box.

Next week when I have more time I’ll be posting some tips about preserving food and telling you about the cookbook I co-authored.

Here are some interesting articles I found this week-

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Happy saving and have a good weekend.