Friday Round-Up-Herbs Galore


Lots going on in the garden this week. All the vegetable plants are doing well. The onions and shallots are growing faster than anything else. I’ve been enjoying the homegrown strawberries. Right now they’re far and few between but I like the fact that I grew them myself. And one thing I’m pleased about is the asparagus I planted. Some of the ferns have made their first appearance. Other than the old converted fish pond, I don’t have a site devoted to the vegetables and have taken a chance and put a few of them in the flower bed. It might seem strange, it might not work, but I thought it was worth a try.

And the CSA boxes have been filled with herbs. More than I can actually use right now so as I write this post my dehydrator is drying flat leaf parsley, cutting celery, parsley, dill, and basil. The kitchen smells fantastic. It’s nice to know I’ll put all these to good use in the fall and winter.

And as I’m one not to waste anything, the stalks of the parsley and cutting celery have gone into the container with the other veggie trimmings that will become stock. That’s what I love most about homemade stock, no two are ever the same and hence soups and stews always taste a little different. The stalks of the basil and dill while too overpowering for stock, make the perfect companion for bottles of red wine or rice wine vinegar and olive oil.

And my bargain of the week came via the Recycle bank coupon. $2 off any Earth Friendly product. I opted for their dish washing liquid and paid only 73 cents for it. A good deal for a green product.

Next week sees the release of my first cookbook I co-authored and I’ll be telling you more about that shortly.

Here are some money saving articles I found on the Web-

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Happy saving and have a good weekend.


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