Cooking With Herbs-Chives


This post should really be called what to do with a bumper crop of chives. I hate wasting anything, especially food, so when I saw that this year’s chive crop was more than I could handle in one afternoon of drying and freezing, I had to get creative. Here are some ideas I came up with-

Think Holiday Gifts
I used to make four or five different flavored vinegars each summer but haven’t done it in a long time. This year I decided to try it again. As you might have guessed first one, chive vinegar. It’s simple to do and you can use old bottles that once housed things like sauces and dressing. For the chive one I placed four or five pieces of chives along with the blossoms and topped with white wine vinegar. Another one I added some peppercorns for some extra kick. (I also have a thyme, lemon peel and peppercorn with red wine vinegar brewing too). You need to give them a slight shake very day for about two weeks. Then drain them over a bowl and sieve lined with cheesecloth. Add new pieces of chives and then top with the strained vinegar.
These are great as holiday gifts or to keep for yourself. I’ve used mine on salads, grilled veggies, and as part of a salad dressing.

Gift Tags
One nice thing to add to the above is a gift tag adorned with a pressed or dried chive blossom.

Free Table Decorations
Chive blossoms are colorful and last a long time so they’re perfect to make an impromptu flower arrangement for dinner on the deck or patio, or even to take along to a picnic.

Deviled Eggs
I sometimes add onion powder to deviled eggs or even egg salad and thought why not try fresh chopped chives instead. Just add the usual, Dijon style mustard and mayo and they’re perfect for a quick lunch on top of a green salad.

Salad Topping
And speaking of salads, I’ve been snipping chives over tossed salads for some extra pizzazz.

Most people think of scones as being sweet but one variety I love is cheese. This weekend I’m making a batch and adding chopped chives too.

Potato Pancakes
One thing I love is potato pancakes and now I’m thinking chopped chives instead of onions might be perfect.

Cream Cheese
The flavored cream cheeses you buy at the store can be pricey so I make my own. This time it’s chive flavored variety and the food processor does most of the work. 1 package cream cheese, ¼ cup chopped chives, dash of salt and pepper, and some milk, and process until smooth.

I know most of us don’t think about eating soup when the temperature rises but I often make batches of various types and freeze them for the fall and winter. This time it’s going to be potato and chive.

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