Friday Round Up-CSA Box Number One and A Bumper Crop of Chives


Last week saw the first of this year’s CSA box. Due to the weather this week’s box of goodies was canceled. I used the lettuce for salads, made the garlic chives into a dressing by following the recipe from the menu planning service we get free with our CSA membership. The salad recipe contained chick peas (this was the vegetarian version versus the one with the smoked trout and lowered the cost), eggs, and roasted asparagus which made a tasty combo with the chive dressing. The cilantro I dried for later use.

And speaking of chives, seems my herb garden has a bumper crop of them this year. I’m making all sorts of things with them and even some bottles of flavored vinegar…more about that next week. The rest of the veggies and fruit I’ve planted seem to be doing okay. The shallots have really taken off, and I’ve already eaten a few of the strawberries…the deer also enjoyed them too! The blueberry plant arrived and according to the flyer it yields blueberries in both summer and fall but I don’t think they’ll be a crop this year.

Now I’m planning on what to preserve this year. I’m down to the last few jars of jam, chutney, and salsa. I haven’t needed to buy those three items since last summer. I also got a great deal on green beans, 99 cents a pound, so I brought three pounds of them and have frozen them for later dining.

Summer is a great time to save some money, not only on current meals but future ones too. If you think ahead to what you’ll be eating and buying in fall and winter you can either can, freeze or dry it and stretch your food budget.

Lots of good foodie articles on the Web this week, here’s what I found interesting-

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Have a good weekend and happy saving.


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