Friday Round-Up-He Who Hesitates Does’t Get a Good Buy


A short work week and one that I always think kicks off summer. My focus has been gardening and the lesson I’ve learned this week is from the old saying he who hesitates is lost. The person who coined that phrase probably didn’t have budget shopping in mind, but these days with everyone looking for a bargain if you think about it too long, you miss the deal.
My local DIY store was offering perennials for just 67 cents after an in store rebate. A great price and I couldn’t say no, but I got busy all week, headed there today and they were sold out. I asked if they offered rain checks but it seems they were the last for this year. I did buy some others that were only $1.29 but I had to do some snooping to find the best deals. Guess it pays to get to the store as soon as the sale starts, and failing that, spend some time looking for other good buys.

Here are some interesting articles I found on the Web this week-

If you’ve ever wondered how long to keep your pantry supplies, here’s the info-

I’m a fan of anything potato and it seems they’re not only a budget buy but good for you too-

And here’s a recipe for Meatless Monday-

If you’ve ever had a case of sticker shock when looking for snack bars, now you can make your own for a lot less-

Have a good weekend and happy saving.


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