The Friday Round-Up-Tips on Just About Everything


I found lots of great articles about all things budget living, so here they are-

There have been lots of stories about people trying to eat at or below the poverty line and here’s one person’s experience-

We’re all guilty of letting food sit in the fridge until it goes to waste-

With the terrible spring we’ve had it’s hard to imagine summer’s around the corner but here are some budget priced sandals to get you ready for the warm weather-

I have lots of landscaping projects on my to do list so this is a handy guide-!erdfa

And if like me you love making your own pantry staples and treats check out these two articles. My tip is to buy the supplies for these in the bulk bin section-

Finally spaghetti always seems to be on sale. My tip. the whole grain varieties taste much better and don’t cost much more and sometimes they’re even the same price-

Have a good weekend and Happy Mother’s Day.


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