The Friday Round-Up-Spring Dresses


It’s spring but if where you live is anything like where I do, no one’s told the temperature winter’s over. Despite the bitter cold this week, this was refreshing article to see on the Web. Spring dresses under $30.–30-and-under-221234304.html

And here’s something else you might not want to think about until it’s warmer but when you do this can save you money by making your own frozen yogurt-

And if you’re thinking of starting a business or just looking to supplement your income, here are some tips for low cost ways to do it-

And a few week’s ago the Web was abuzz with news about Pet Food Stamps. This wonderful organization was launched to help those on foods stamps or low income families help cover the cost of their pet’s food bill. I’ve read so many heartbreaking articles about people who’ve had to hand in their dogs and cats to shelters because they’d lost their job or home that I’m happy to see someone’s started this program to try and help. Here’s the link but it’s sometimes hard to log onto as I’m sure it gets lots of traffic, but be patient if you want to check it out, use its service, or even offer a donation-

My bargain of the week was a pair of black jeans that cost just $3, even the cashier was shocked. The key is to be patient and look through all the sale items. Right now everyone’s slashing prices to make room for summer clothes.

Also on sale is anything related to gardening and growing seeds. The seeds I purchased were 50% off and bags of potting soil were also on sale.

And my tip of the week, if you’re thinking about buying something or going to a store for say a hair cut or oil change for the car, check out their Web site first. Many have coupons and other’s have newsletters you can sign for and they send you coupons as a welcome. Just create a separate e-mail for these types of newsletters and best thing is you can always cancel your subscription later.

Have a good weekend and happy saving.


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