The Friday Round-Up-Budget Smart Celebrities


I can’t promise that I’ll have time to post something every Friday, but I thought I’d start writing a Friday Round Up of all the budget related items I found on the Web and tips for making the most of your money-

Unless I have a coupon I can double and which brings the price of salad dressing to less than a dollar I never buy dressing at the store but here are some recipes for homemade ones that are definitely worth checking out-

If you’re like me and always see a second use for just about everything, here’s a novel idea of making a birdhouse with leftover fabric-

And beauty products don’t have to cost a fortune to be good-

And I thought this was an interesting read, celebrities who are budget smart girls and yes, a couple of guys too!

This past week I’ve been planning this year’s vegetable garden. I’m trying some new things this time around, potatoes, yellow onions and shallots. Now’s a great time to go out and buy all the supplies because there are lots of sales going on.

And my tip of the week-sometimes looking in different sections or different shelves at the supermarket can net you savings. I was looking for Panko breadcrumbs and found some for $1.84 which I thought was a great buy, two aisles over I found the same thing, just a different brand for $2 more. It sounds incredible but I guess supermarkets don’t think we notice these things. Bottom line is check out every shelf and don’t be brand loyal.

Have a good weekend and Happy St. Patrick’s Day.


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