Budget Smart Girl Turns Five

It seems like just yesterday that I began this blog but this week Budget Smart Girl turned five. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who’s been reading it from the beginning. I know many of you were also readers of my two money saving columns over at Garden and Hearth and have continued to follow my ramblings here too. A special thank you for being loyal followers for almost eight years.

A lot has changed since I first wrote about saving money. More people are conscious about the money they spend and save. More articles and sites dedicated to the topic have popped up over the years too. Both are trends I think will continue.

I have lots more good things planned for this site. On Monday there will be a book giveaway (A vegan cookbook). It seems that food topics are the most popular with everyone who visits the site because food related articles get more hits. The Meatless Monday feature is there at the top and lots of people have now started following the blog because of it. It tells me you’d like to see more vegetarian and vegan recipes and I’m in the process of working on lots of them.

This spring I’ll also be featuring at least one recipe using fresh vegetables and herbs from this year’s CSA box. I’m also planning more growing your own food features because they’ve been popular too.

This summer sees the publication of my book based on the blog so I’ll be giving away copies after its release.

I’m also hoping to bring back the feature about making more money, whether it’s making and selling or crafts or how to hold a successful garage sale. Some weeks time doesn’t allow me to post more than a couple of recipes but I’ll try my best.

And here are links to some articles I’ve seen recently that might be of interest-

If you’re like me getting your hair color to last from one appointment to the next is a major pet peeve then this article is for you-


And there was me thinking I was the only one you couldn’t find coupons for items I really wanted-


Canned vegetables are one of the best buys at the supermarket and seems there is a whole lot more you can do with them-


Once again thank you for being loyal followers of Budget Smart Girl.


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