Super Cheap Super Foods


I don’t know if any of you saw this article on Yahoo Shine last week about superfoods that cost less than a $1. Lentils, oats, kale, almonds, tea, oranges, tuna, peanut butter, apples, eggs, carrots, cabbage.

Here’s a link to the article just in case you didn’t catch it-

Many of my favorite budget friendly foods made it to the list. And it is proof that you can eat well and still stick to a budget. I thought I’d refer back to these foods in the coming weeks and develop recipes for each one, and I’ll share them with you.

But not all my favorite bargain foods made it to the list. Here are some other ones I think also deserve to be in the spotlight-

I keep cans of beans in the pantry for adding to soups, burritos, chilis, you name it. They’re supercheap and often times, on sale too. However, I’ve found another way to save even more on beans and that’s to buy them dried, on the grocery store shelves or in the bulk bins.

The nicest thing is there are so many varieties. And recently I’ve even been making homemade hummus using dried chickpeas. One thing that used to put me off buying the dried variety was the soaking and then standing over them while they cooked. Most of the time they use to stick to the saucepan or if I went away to do something else, boil dry. Then I discovered the best way to prepare them is the slow cooker. During the day I let them soak in the slow cooker and then overnight I cook them. In the morning I drain them and put the ones I’m going to use straight away in the fridge, the rest I freeze. It’s the perfect way to have these nutritional powerhouses ready whenever you need them.

I know some people really hate tofu but I hope you’ve seen how I’ve been using this bargain buy for Meatless Monday meals. The key is freezing it, letting it marinade and then sautéing it until it’s crispy and browned. It’s a great meat substitute and you can buy it for less than $2 just about anyway.

Other Super Vegetables
I know carrots and kale made it to the list and they are great buys, but there are other green veggies that are often on sale. If the fresh variety isn’t on sale I often head to the frozen food section for things like spinach and broccoli. And carrots are always a good price but other veggies containing carotene are sweet potatoes and squash and won’t break the budget.

Depending on where you shop and look, you can buy a package of frozen edamame for less than $2 and I use them in stir fries and also as snacks too. Eat them as is or roast them in the oven with some oil, salt and pepper until they’re crispy and that’s all it takes. They’re much better for you than potato chips.


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