February Savings


This month Georgine tells us about lots of ways to save on everything from candy to TVs-

It’s February! Love is in the air. That means you can find some specials on fragrances, flowers, and candy for your sweetheart. The supply is high so the prices should be low. When buying perfumes try to find the Valentine’s Specials. They will be your best bet. Flowers and candy can be snagged at good prices too if you look for special promotion codes, coupons, and offers. Don’t buy spontaneously because that’s when you will spend the most. Tulips might be your best bet.

After Valentine’s Day you will find leftover candy and paper goods half-price at many stores. If you are not seeing someone until after the 14th, you can get a great bargain. This is also an opportunity to stock up on decor and party supplies for next year. Remember solid colors in paper plates, etc can be used all year long, especially the red ones, can be used for patriotic holidays. Packaged candy that has Valentine wrapping will be reduced, but the inside is still the same confection you and your family love, so who cares if it has a heart on it?

Aside from the obvious, big screen HDTVs are discounted because of the Super Bowl. Other electronic buys will include MP3 players, DVD players, and digital cameras.

If you are thinking ahead to summer, now is an excellent time to have your air conditioner and lawn mower serviced so you will be ready to go.

President’s Day comes right after Valentine’s Day so keep your eyes opened for mark-downs on humidifiers, home appliances, and even furniture as stores are making room for new models.

Now is also the time to find a sale on luggage for your next trip. Do this before spring break time and save.
In the grocery store you will find seafood sales due to the coming Lent season. Oatmeal prices will be lower all month, but wait until after the 14th to stock up on steak. Of course, always combine your coupons with sale prices for extra savings.

Last time, I mentioned the importance of having a list made before you shopped. Now, list in hand, let’s go to the supermarket! Don’t leave home without your store’s loyalty card (if you should, many stores allow you to give them your phone number to get the savings). You should be aware that the items that are at eye level are the most expensive. Look for bargains on the top of the shelves or near the floor. Always check reduced racks, remember, you can combine the bargain price with a coupon for even more savings.

Generally, when you are using a coupon buy the smallest size of a product. An example would be a large 200 oz size of laundry detergent. If you had a $1.00 off coupon that’s all you would save on the very expensive size. However, if you had several $1.00 coupons that could be used on the 50 oz size (in other words buy 4 to equal 200 oz) you would save $4.00 on the same amount of detergent. Another must is to always get a rain check for sale items that are out of stock. Many times by the time the store restocks, you will have found a coupon you can use along with the rain check.

Many stores will give you credit if you should forget to use a coupon on a product at the time of purchase. Always check your store’s policy. Some will allow you to return to the store with your cash register receipt showing purchase, within a 2 week period, for the refund.


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