January Bargains


Happy New Year to everyone. Meatless Monday will return next week. Here are some tips from Georgine about what to buy in January.

January is usually all about losing weight. Those pounds we packed on during the holidays make way for huge discounts on fitness equipment to help you keep those New Year’s resolutions. Look for gym membership packages too to lure you into a healthier life-style. January is the start to a healthier year.

The Super Bowl is around the corner too so you’ll be able to snag some great deals on HDTVs. You may even get bargains on the latest model so this is the best time of the year to buy a TV.

The cold weather is upon us and you can expect sales, discounts, and price drops on ball-field activities especially in colder climates. Think ahead to spring training and activities as they’ll be here before we know it.

Holiday left-overs are still clinging to the shelves. The stores want to make way for Valentine’s and spring items so these early weeks will bring price drops close to 90% on Christmas decor. Don’t forget to use coupons, no matter how low the price may be on sales items.

White Sales have been a staple of every January since 1878. It’s time to clean your linen closet and replace worn towels and sheets with new ones that will probably be cheaper than the originals you purchased. If you have lots of discards, animal shelters always welcome these types of supplies.

If redecorating is on your agenda. Furniture bargains can be found. Most stores will be introducing new lines in February so they are anxious to make room.

Remember, the bigger the chain or department store, the bigger the savings. Try to hit the big box stores first to save the most.
In the grocery store, combine your coupons for extra savings on soda, chocolate candy, diet food, and frozen foods.

Last time I explained how important it is to have you coupons organized. Now, it’s time to put that order to good use when you make your shopping list. You should always make a list. This will keep you on track at the store. Have the supermarket circulars handy; I find it’s easiest to compile a list for each store I frequent. This way you can compare prices especially if two or more are having a sale on the same item. You’ll be able to know where to go for the best price.

After your lists are made, look for corresponding coupons that match the sales. Put these coupons in the front of your coupon carrier’s product category section for ease of finding. (This also helps you if your store is out of an item or you change your mind; your coupons are still in the same place they should be for future use).

Bring along reusable bags to the supermarket when possible. Many stores will give you a credit towards your total bill anywhere from 2¢ – 10¢ for each bag.


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