Gifts to Give and Gifts to Make

Here are some more gift ideas and sites where you can buy items to make your own budget smart gifts

Jams and Preserves

I forgot who sent me these to sample but I think they’re perfect for holiday gift giving. Canning jars that are so pretty they look like they’ve come from a gourmet food store. I found this site on the Internet that sells them for $1.99   

Herbs, Teas and More

There are so many gifts you can make with herbs, spices and teas and here’s one of my favorite places to browse. If you sign up for their newsletter they often send coupons and ideas for recipes and gifts.


I know salt doesn’t sound like it would make a great gift but gourmet salt is in vogue and there’s also bath salts that just about anyone will appreciate. Buy some for gifts or buy some to make your own spa packages-

Jams and Jellies

This summer when I canned about 30 jars of jam I was oh so tempted to buy one of these machines. Best news is the price has been reduced by $10. A great gift for someone or for yourself and save money in the summer by making all your own preserves in record time-

Home Made

I can’t remember how I stumbled upon this site but I’ve been receiving their newsletter for over a year and always look forward to reading it. They have lots of categories to check out but here’s a link to their current ideas for homemade hostess gifts-

More Than Software

Even if you’re not in the market for software or electronics, check out this site because they have computer games and DVD’S at prices that are ideal for stocking stuffers-

Mother Earth Site

I’ve always been a big fan of the magazine Natural Home and Garden and recently they had a change name to Mother Earth Living. Even if you don’t subscribe to the magazine they do have a great newsletter that’s always packed with ideas for making things yourself. Check out their site for lots of gift ideas like soaps, and yes, you can even make soup and give that as gift too-

Adopt a Wild Place

And if like me you often run out of ideas for gifts for certain people on your list, how about adopting a wild place for them? The Sierra Club has lots of options and price levels you can pick and for some choices you get a cute stuffed toy-

Crafts and More

I visited my local Michaels store the other day and I only wished I’d had more time to browse because they had lots of inexpensive stocking stuffers, calendars that are just $1.20 and very comparable to the ones you can pay $10 or more for. They also had no end of containers for gifts, take out boxes covered in Christmas paper,  metal boxes for gift cards, and also empty ornaments that you can fill with candy or even loose tea-,default,sc.html


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