Getting Ready for Black Friday and The Holidays

My apologies that this year the gift guides will be in various posts along with other holiday related ideas but it’s a busy time for me with all my book projects and I’m working on tight deadlines.

Hope you’re ready for next week’s big shopping day. One tip I’ve learned is to do as much research as you can before you buy anything. Check out prices because sometimes you can get to a store, see the sign saying sale, or 50% off, think it’s a bargain…stores wouldn’t lie to you, right?  Only to later find out that bargain wasn’t such a good one after all. If you know what things actually sell for you’re a better informed shopper.

The flyer from my local IKEA store landed in my mailbox yesterday. I haven’t been there for a long time but it is one of my favorite places to browse and buy kitchen gadgets at prices I like. What caught my eye was the 50% off soft toys. From November 23-25th, all soft toys are half priced and for every one you buy the IKEA Foundation donates $1 to education programs. Looks like they have some very cute ones, elephants, bears, tigers etc. And idea for those stockings. They have a Web site to check out

And speaking of stocking stuffers Softsoap has two limited edition body washes. Wintermint Wonderland and Enchanting Sugar Plum.

And just yesterday while I was grocery shopping I stumbled across one of my favorite teas of the season Bigelow’s Eggnogg’n. 20 tea bags for $3.98. You can either give the whole box as a gift or divide the tea bags up with other goodies. They have a fun Web site and also items on sale too-

Which leads me to my first homemade gift idea of the season. I save the containers that the cherry tomatoes are packed in. Rinse them out, let them dry and then fill them with goodies like packets of tea and brownies. You can secure them with ribbon and they’re perfect for handing out to people like the garbarge collectors, mailman, or even a last minute item for the stocking.

As an avid reader, giving me a book is looked upon with much appreciation. Check out the discount sections of bookstores like Barnes and Noble or Edward R Hamilton online.  They have remainder books in every category you can think of and sometimes you can get free postage.

And if in 2013 you have plans to take a trip and want something to keep you entertained, check out this under $10 gift, the Deluxe 6 in 1 Game set available from Carol Wright Gifts.

Okay, that’s if for now, more later…


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