A Budget Smart Girl’s Guide to Last Minute Gifts…and gifts for those stockings!

Only two weeks to go until Christmas and if you still need some items for last minute gifts or even to slip into the stocking, here are some I came up with and some I found on the Internet

Mini Books


I love these tiny books and have a whole collection of them, every topic from afternoon tea to flowers. Most of them are found in bookstores but I have seen some in dollar stores too-

Food Gifts

I’ve been making my own cheese bread and purchased some bread flour from the King Arthur company. The product is great so I thought I’d check out their Web site. I’m glad I did because it has lots of recipes I’m dying to try for the holidays and they sell items online too. Right now everything ships for just $3. I think that offer is good until December 16th. Check out some of their clearance items here, cookie and cake mixes to give or to keep for yourself-http://www.kingarthurflour.com/shop/sale

Gifts That Pay For Themselves

I can’t think of a better gift than one that saves you money. Here is an article I found on the Web last week-http://shopping.yahoo.com/articles/yshoppingarticles/755/gifts-that-give-back/

Spa Products and Labels

And here is a link to yet more DIY spa items and labels. I saw this one mentioned yesterday and bookmarked it to check out their other topics when I have time-


Something for the Birds

During the winter I always feed the birds at least once a week and thought I’d try some of the homemade bird treats mentioned here. Also a great gift to make for the bird lover on your list-


Something for the Stocking

A couple of weeks ago I stocked up on ELF cosmetics when everything was 50% off which means products like these were just 50 cents each. I can’t think of a better item for a stocking-


And last but not least

If you’re out of time and out of money one thing that never fails is the homemade gift certificate. Maybe it’s the promise of making dinner one night, babysitting for a friend, mowing the lawn next summer…here is a site I found that offers free templates to make your own.


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