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admin / May 16, 2011

There’s no doubt supermarkets are trying to get us to shop exclusively at their stores. Last week I needed some of my favorite English brand tea and headed to the one supermarket in town that sells it. I shop there maybe once every couple of months. I usually take my own bags for the groceries but it was raining hard and yes, I was feeling too lazy to take them along. When I got to the checkout and started to pack my groceries I realized that the store had new bags and that they were half the size of the previous ones. I could only fit about four or five items in each one and soon the cart was filling up…yes, really a problem when the rain’s pelting down and you’re loading the trunk of your car with lots of bags.

When I got home and started to put the groceries away I had a ‘duh’ moment. They weren’t trying to save money on smaller bags, after all, shoppers have to use twice as many but it’s a marketing ploy for them. Like me, most shoppers will have spent their usual amount of money on food but yet have a trunk filled with grocery bags. Ah, you say, I’ll shop there again because I get more for my money. No, actually, you get the same amount of groceries but just lots more bags to throw away. It made me wonder what other tricks stores are dreaming up.

This week on Budget Smart Girl-we all love to pamper ourselves with facials and bubble baths so I’m looking for places to buy inexpensive products for pampering and sites where you can buy supplies to make your own goodies. Plus, more foods have been added to the superfood list. Good news is they’re all budget friendly.

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