The Blog-Spring Might Be Here

I finally got outside last week and did some gardening. Today we’re back to rain so I’m glad I put in some extra time outside. It’s amazing how many jobs you can find to do when you’ve not been in the yard for awhile. It got me thinking about things you can tackle by yourself or jobs that need a professional…yet another topic for Budget Smart Girl.

I also bought tomato and cucumber plants ready for planting later this month. I did notice more people buying vegetable plants and seeds than hanging plants and shrubs so I think the trend for growing your own food is still popular. My goal is for the vegetable garden to supply my lunch all through the summer.

This week on Budget Smart Girl-I pulled the cover off the grill and it got me thinking that Memorial Day isn’t that far away, so this week some tips of summer holiday entertaining that are low cost. Also, continuing with the foods that are inexpensive, garbanzo beans.

Articles I found on the Web this week-

Something a lot of people are doing these days-


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Have a good week.

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