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One thing being busy teaches you is to be prepared. Last week I was really grateful that I’d planned ahead about what to make for dinner.  Some items I’ve been relying on when time’s been short are frozen vegetables and yes, I hate to admit this but one night I wanted to make mashed potatoes and couldn’t muster up the energy to peel them, wait for them to cook and then mash them. My answer, instant mashed pototoes. I always keep a few packets of the Idahoan brand in the pantry and have to say with some milk, pepper and butter or low fat spread added, they taste close to the real thing. A couple of other standbys have been veggie burgers and wholewheat rolls from the freezer. Combined with homemade oven fries and it’s a quick and easy meal.

Some articles of interest-

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This week on Budget Smart Girl-the spring cleaning article got me thinking about ways you can sell and swap items you no longer need. And April is soyfoods month, recipes and ideas for meals.

Have a good week.

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