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Many of you know that I grew up in London, England and a tradition there is to make pancakes on Shrove Tuesday…the day before Ash Wednesday. These aren’t the sort of pancakes you’ll find at IHOP but more like a crepe. My grandmother was the expert in the family at making these tasty treats. I don’t think she ever followed a recipe but had learned everything from watching her own mother make them. Mine never turn out as well as hers but I keep trying. Tomorrow I’ll be serving them for dessert which got me thinking about some of the old food traditions and recipes. Most are made from inexpensive items and very budget friendly. In the case of these pancakes, flour, eggs and milk and then some lemon juice and sugar when you serve them. If you’d also like to try your hand at making them I found this site on YahooUK http://uk.lifestyle.yahoo.com/food-drink/make-pancakes-article-hku7.html

It uses metric measurements but here’s a site that lets you convert everything http://www.botanical.com/botanical/cvcookix.html

And here’s something I saw featured in one of the newsletters I receive.  If you type in your zipcode it will show you local cinemas where they show free screenings of new movies-http://www.gofobo.com/screenings/search 

This week on Budget Smart Girl-why frozen foods can be a budget cook’s best friend and a bargain buy-split green peas, including one of my favorite soups using this inexpensive item.

Have a good week.

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