The Blog-National Indoor Gardening Month

Before I forget congratulations to Dana for being the winner of the cake giveaway last week.

February’s winding down and did you know that it’s National Indoor Gardening Month? I have a stack of gardening catalogs sitting on my coffee table right now. Although the yard is still covered in a couple of feet of snow, I’ve been thinking about the upcoming gardening season. Getting the vegetable garden planted is my first priority. I’m buying raspberry and blueberry bushes this year too. I’ll also try growing lettuce in containers again…wasn’t too successful last year!  Here’s a bargain I saw in the Lakeside Collection catalog http://www.lakeside.com/Sets-Of-3-Garden-Grow-Pouches/details.asp?I=FP3&N=36+10&Nao=6&R=916043011FP34

As well as flowers they also have cherry tomatoes kits. And check out some of their other gardening items. A rain barrel for less than $40. Best price I’ve seen on one of those. If you live an an area that doesn’t get a lot of rain, or like me, in a city that has watering restrictions, a rain barrel is a big plus, and it saves you money too.

Articles I found this week-

Frugal’s back in style-


Foods that can stay in the pantry for a long time-


It’s almost March which means the newsletter. Plenty of good stuff to tell you about including some great deals on spa and beauty services for us budget conscious girls.

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