The Blog-Sometimes Bargain Items Are Awful

Last week I learned a valuable lesson that not everything that’s a budget price is that great. Last month I bought a pack of eight rolls of toilet paper that were on special at the supermarket. It wasn’t until last week we started to use them and my husband was the first to complain. I quickly agreed that it was the worst toilet paper I’d ever seen. It looked fine on the roll but proved to be just one ply and so thin if you held it up to the light you could see through it. You’d have to use twice as much paper as other brands and hence save no money. Lesson learned, stick with old favorites because sometimes bargain specials are neither. And there’s more to the story. I e-mailed the company and told them how unhappy I was with the purchase and have to say they responded quickly and are sending me coupons for their other brands.

Remember the soap nuts I mentioned in this month’s newsletter? I purchased the sample package and also the sample size of the all purpose cleaner. Quick service and they send you a coupon for 12% off not only your next purchase but all future ones too. The package arrived after I’d finished doing the laundry but I’ll let you know what I thought about them in next Monday’s blog. I have tried the all purpose cleaner and it does an excellent job. I like the fact it’s in concentrate, looks like you can use it on just about any surface and it’s a good price too.

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Another food focused week on Budget Smart Girl, first of all how you can add flavors to every day foods. Then the first of a series of articles on cooking with beans and legumes. This week it’s black beans and a recipe for smoky black bean nachos.

Have a good week.

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