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My late father taught me lots of things about watching your money. One was checking every bill you receive. These days we’re all busy and it’s easy just to write a check and put it in the mail. However, that can cost you money. Just this week we had two bills that had errors on them. First one was from the dentist. We’d paid the bill two weeks ago and got sent a second notice just ten days later. Second one was the cable company who charged us for a call out visit when a technican needed to stop by to update some outside wiring because of some upgrades the company had done. If we’d paid these two bills without checking the amount would have been close to $700.  It might not happen on every bill and probably not for that much money but it’s budget smart to look over every item before you write that check.

I hadn’t realized that January is National Soup Month but with the cold weather everyone’s experiencing what could be better than a bowl of homemade soup. I’m a big fan of soup, not only because it tastes good but it’s great for your budget too. So this week that’s my focus. Soups that are easy to make and also how you can give canned soups some gourmet pizzazz.

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