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Sometimes coupons show up out of the blue. While I was shopping last week I walked by the freezer section that houses the vegetarian food and saw this booklet on a display.

It’s for Morningstar Foods and lucky for me I always buy a few packages of their veggie burgers to keep in the freezer.

The coupons aren’t just 50 cents or less but one’s for $3. Okay, you have to buy more than one item but like I said these products are great for the freezer. They’reĀ on my top five list of things to ‘make’ for dinner when I’m out of time. The booklet also has a form you can fill in and send in along with three upcs for a free tote bag. So altogether not a bad find while strolling by the frozen foods.

Speaking of food, did you hear prices are expected to go up this year? With that in mind I thought I’d focus on food topics this week on the site. Ways to waste less food…yes, we all do it. And bargain foods that are good for you.

Some articles I thought were worth checking out-

Yes, even rich people make money mistakes-


Who says date night has to be at an expensive restaurant-


Thinking of starting a business?-


Have a good week.

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