The Blog-Quick Meals Using What’s in the Garden

I spent a good part of Saturday morning weeding and cleaning the herb garden. I first planted it about six years ago and one thing I’ve learned is herbs are fast growers. They also give basic foods some gourmet flavor too. After moving from the herb garden to cleaning the area around the pond, I decided a quick supper was just want we needed. With some many herbs on hand, I found a cheese pizza in the freezer and topped it with chopped tomatoes (fresh and sun dried) and chopped herbs, like oregano and basil. It made the low cost pizza taste a whole lot more expensive.

Many of the experts I’ve featured on Budget Smart Girl keep in touch with me and it’s always great to hear what they’re doing. Remember Danny Kofke the author of How To Survive (and perhaps thrive) On A Teacher’s Salary? He contacted me to say he was going to be a guest on HLN’s The Clark Howard Show. Last week he sent this link so I could share it with you.


This week on Budget Smart Girl Today it’s officially summer and whether you’re packing up the car for a long road trip, heading out on a plane or just staying close to home, we’re all looking for bargains… maybe even some free entertainment. This week, two articles about ways to save on travel and some deals and places to visit across the country.

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