The Blog-Grocery Challenge

admin / May 24, 2010

Each time I get asked what are my favorite money saving tips, one thing that always makes it to the list is a subscription to All You magazine. The June issue arrived in my mailbox last week with more great coupons and tips. I was going to put this in the newsletter but thought I’d tell you about it here The Second Annual All You Grocery Challenge Contest. You signup at The contest runs from June 20-July 17th. The goal is to spend $25 or less per family member per week on groceries during this four week period. Winner gets $1,000. They’ll also have a blog with money saving tips and ideas from the editors. I’d love to see a reader of Budget Smart Girl win this contest. Leave a comment if you’re thinking about entering and we’ll be sure to cheer you on.

This whole grocery challenge thing got me thinking about next week’s feature on BSG. Yes, you guessed it, ways to cut down on your grocery bill. Hope all the contestants get some good ideas they can use.

This week on Budget Smart Girl-Newsletter time again, this month lots of recipes and other good stuff. Plus, as it’s an upcoming holiday weekend, I’ve decided to merge this week’s feature into the newsletter with some tips on Memorial Day entertaining.

Have a good week and a save Memorial Day.