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    The Blog-Looking for Bargains

    I’ve always known that bargains are everywhere but you have to go looking for them. That was so true last week. During my trip to the supermarket I was in the produce section and was just about to head over to the bulk bins when I pushed the cart by a display of bottles. Attached to the display was a notice with 91 cents written on it. As most of the time that’s the discount price I didn’t pay much attention. But then I noticed that was the price of the item and it was something I’d bought during the holidays for $2.79, bottles of sparkling organic apple juice. 91…

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    The Blog-Free, well almost

    First of all hello and welcome to all the new visitors to the site and also to everyone who signed up for the newsletter. We’re growing in numbers every week. Last week was a good one for receiving free, well, almost free items. I’d sent for the Sudoku game that Gorton’s were promoting. Can’t remember how many UPC I had to send (I think it was 3) along with $1.99 to receive this game. Just the right size for carrying in your purse if you have to wait at the doctor or dentist’s office. These are also good things to collect throughout the year for stocking stuffers. And when I…

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