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The Saving Money Plan

I can’t remember how I found out about Saving Money Plan www.savingmoneyplan.com but I’m really glad I signed up to receive the daily newsletters because I’ve saved money with coupons I’ve seen in the newsletter, found out about free stuff (you know I love both of those things!) and learned more about how to find and use coupons. I thought it was about time I shared this valuable site with you and decided to go straight to its founder, Claire Williams for all the inside information.

Budget Smart Girl (BSG)-For the readers who don’t know about the site can you tell them what Saving Money Plan is all about?
Claire Williams (CW)-Saving Money Plan encourages you to live better with practical money-saving strategies and daily deals.

BSG-When did it launch?
CW-I launched it in 2008 but I wish I had started sooner.

BSG-How did it come about?
CW-I had been reading so many deal blogs online and realized that I not only loved reading them, but I also wanted to write one! The fact that I had always been known among friends and family as being the one who knew how to save a buck was clearly an added plus!

BSG-How do you find all the great deals?
CW-I’m on lots of newsletters, I have great bloggy friends with whom I share deals, and I read – read – read!

BSG- Is this a full time job for you?
CW-It’s a hobby for me – a part-time job you could say.

BSG-You send out an e-mail newsletter every day for anyone who signs up, what can readers expect to find in their e-mail box every day?
CW-Great deals, lots of coupons, and the specific advice you need to actually use the deals to get tons of free items every week – especially from your local drugstores. The thing readers really like about Saving Money Plan is the free coupon class – as it teaches you to get hundreds of dollars in free items every month. A few years ago I never thought you could really do this, but you definitely can and I do!

BSG-Any money saving tips you’d like to share with us?
CW-Learn the drugstore game! It is one of the best ways to save $3,000 of your household budget this year! And it’s fun! I teach a free coupon class to learn it, but many others write blogs about it as well!

BSG-Can you tell us about some good deals you’ve found in the last week or so?
CW-The holidays are a great time to score deals. This past month I picked up over $90 in free items one week from Rite Aid – that was great. It was totally free.

BSG-Any sites you’d recommend we check out for more good deals.
CW-I love Censtable Momma www.centsablemomma.com and Money Saving Methods www.moneysavingmethods.com I would really recommend those two!

BSG-Anything else you’d like to share?
CW-If you want to learn to coupon at Saving Money Plan, try it here: http://savingmoneyplan.com/introduction-10-step-couponing-course/

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