The Blog-Good Buys at Trader Joes and Michaels

This really is the best time of the year to be a Budget Smart Girl. Maybe you saw my posting on Twitter last week. I stopped by Michaels craft store while I was waiting to get the oil changed in my car and discovered great stocking stuffer gifts for just $1. Here’s a photo of the some of the calendars I bought. At the check-out I also got a coupon for 40% off any item in the store.

And yesterday I was near a Trader Joe’s. You know I can’t resist heading into their stores. Lots of good stuff and prices I like. In fact, I think they offer better deals than my local co-op these days. Only wish they had one closer to my home! Sometimes it’s just fun to browse the shelves and freezers to see what’s new. On this trip I found these frozen cubes of herbs.

I bought one basil and one cilantro. I think they also had chopped garlic too. These are ideal for the winter to keep in the freezer. No cleaning and chopping herbs and no waste. I’m wondering if you can reuse the containers in the summer when herbs are plentiful to make your own winter supply.
I also found great deals on green beans…two pound bag just $1.99. Natural shampoo, no sulfates which I’m told strips the color from your hair for just $2.99. And I can’t start my day without a nice cup of tea. I found these English Breakfast teabags for just $1.99.

This week on Budget Smart Girl, the first of this year’s Budget Smart Girl Holiday Gift Guide. I say the first because this year I had an enormous response when I put a call out for gift suggestions. Over 350 people responded and I can tell you it was tough picking the best. So tough, it might be three gift guides with year, along with the stocking stuffer guide. Nothing is over $100, in fact, if I recall the most expensive item is $80. Some companies are offering special discounts, one is going to award four lucky winners a…well, I won’t give it away just yet. Some gifts will help you be more budget minded and the guide has everything from food to jewelry.

What’s on my wish list this year? A new digital camera with interchangeable lenses so I can pursue more of my hobby of photography in 2010. And an Aero grow garden so I can save money by growing food indoors year round.

Have a good week and Happy Thanksgiving.

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