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Seems like we’re all looking for great deals these days. My local DIY store started selling things like foods, body lotions, DVDs a few years ago. In fact, it’s one of the best places to get deals…and holiday gifts. This week they were advertising St. Ives body lotion for $3.49 with a mail in rebate of $3. I use that brand and for a final price of just 49 cents, what a deal. The sale started Sunday, I headed in there today (Monday) and the shelves were empty. A clerk told me they sold out within the first hour but will be having another shipment in today or tomorrow. I asked for a raincheck and realized I hadn’t needed one those in many years because they’re now called ‘sorry slips’. Another sign of the times!

While I was running errands I decided to do some holiday shopping. The stores were empty but the sales were everywhere. I wonder just how low prices will go on Black Friday. This is my favorite time of the year to stock the freezer. I’ve been combining sales at the supermarkets with coupons I’ve been finding at various sites…and shopping on double coupon day. Last week I saved $24 and the freezer is filling up.

And I’d like give another mention to Fantastic Sams. Remember the great haircut I got there for just $9.99? Last week I had my hair highlighted there for $64.99. I have two colors put in my hair and every place else charges me an extra $15 for the second color and it’s rare that I pay under $100 for highlights. I not only saved some money but once again my hair looks great.

This week on Budget Smart Girl…I go looking for some deals and free stuff on the Web. And some ideas for budget friendly entertaining.

Have a good week.

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