The Blog-Even Cheaper Than the Dollar Aisle

admin / November 2, 2009

You might remember the dollar aisle at the supermarket became one of the favorite and first places to head. I’ve found some really good buys with everything from roasted red peppers to potato chips. However, it seems that’s not the only way to find a bargain these days. The supermarket has added products manufactured by a company called Clear Value. They produce everything from toilet paper to canned products, cereal, bacon, you name it. I’ve been buying their diced tomatoes for 45 cents a can and using them in chilli and soups. I also bought a can of refried beans for just 35 cents. The other day I picked up a package of the laundry detergent in the dollar aisle, thinking what a great deal it was, turned the corner into the next aisle and saw the Clear Value brand for 99 cents and almost twice as much detergent.

I’m always thinking about DIY home improvement projects that one, don’t cost a fortune and two, add value to your house. Here’s an interesting article I found yesterday about low cost home renovations that pay off.

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