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Fall means vaccination time for my cat. Last year you might remember I switched vets. Last week we took a trip there to get his rabies shot and annual check-up. I always make sure he gets the yearly and not three year rabies vaccination because at the previous vet clinic they mentioned those type of shots were giving some pets cancer. When I arrived at the new vet clinic I discovered they only give the 3 year shot. So my cat ended up just having his annual check-up. But now I had to find somewhere to get his rabies shot. On my trips to Petsmart, I remembered seeing an onsite vet clinic called Banfield. I called them and found out on Tuesday and Thursdays from 2.30-4.30 p.m. they offer their vaccination clinic which saves pet owners money by not charging for office visits. Perfect, he’d already been checked out so all he needed was a shot.
Well, it seems they also give them a physical too and the whole thing cost just $20.99. When I drove home I realized I could have saved myself $47 and by heading to Banfield in the first place. Plus, the poor cat had two visits to the vet clinic in one day. I guess you live and learn!
So if you’re looking for low cost vaccinations for your pet, check your local Petsmart.

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