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I’m back to my regular reading schedule so last week I stopped by the library. You know it’s one of my favorite spots not only for books and DVDs, but if your library is anything like my local one, it has classes and resources that show you how to save money.

I picked up the fall events and classes brochure and found a ton of good stuff. Lots of libraries in the area are offering free gardening classes and best of all some now have free courses called Money Matters, everything from couponing 101 to getting by in tough times. Another thing I discovered from the brochure was that beginning October 3rd you can borrow something called a Power Check meter which helps you identify high energy appliances. You check them out just like books and they come complete with a home energy assessment worksheet.

Seems like more manufacturers are offering coupons for their products…which is great news for us. I’m even finding more inside packages of things like pizzas. Some are even printed on the inside of the box, so be sure to check before you toss it out. Here’s some I found on line
www.kashi.com, click on free cereal

I ‘cashed’ in some points I’d earned through our local recycling program. One was a dollar coupon for cream cheese. I know that always goes on sale close to the holidays so I’m guessing with the coupon it will probably be free. I also got a coupon for a free bottle of Seventh Generation dishwashing liquid. I usually buy it when it’s on sale and it’s one of the best cleaners around. I also cashed in points for $5 off a gourmet pizza for a new franchise that opened in the area.

This week on Budget Smart Girl-Cheap foods that are good for you and ideas for quick and easy meals.

Have a good week.

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