Ways to Save Money in August

Each month we get an opportunity to save money on specific items. With that in mind, I thought every month, I’ll post an article about items and sales to look out for. So for August…

Head to the Nearest Farm or Orchard
Head to a nearby farm or orchard where you can pick your own produce. With apple season starting this month, it’s a good time to head to the great outdoors and gather up some apples. An added plus is the whole family can pick fruit together, get some fresh air, and exercise. Check out this site for a farm or orchard near you.

Make Some Jams and Jellies
With the abundance of produce, August is a great month to start making jams, jellies, and chutneys. I think it’s one of the best ways to enjoy the taste of summer all year long. It’s also a good way to cut down on sugar, and not to mention a great idea for a housewarming, hostess or even inexpensive holiday gift. This Web site will give you some ideas for making jams and jellies.

Make Some Smoothie Kits
I love to make smoothies, even when the weather turns colder. What I hate is the price of the smoothie kits that seem to be flooding the supermarkets. Take a freezer bag and load it with some strawberries, blueberries…even mangoes and cherries and make your own smoothie mix kit. Just add milk or yogurt and it’s a simple breakfast or an after school snack.

Sidewalk Sales
I haven’t been seeing too many sidewalk sales this year. Maybe it’s because retailers have discounted items all summer long. Either way it’s the ideal time to check your budget and see if there’s some spare cash to buy some new clothes for next summer.

Back to School Sales
For me, back to school sales mean the perfect time to restock my office supplies. Paper, pens, you name it. And if you run your own business, these essentials are also tax deductible.

Patio Furniture
Things like patio furniture, beach toys, swings, etc. all go on sale now, so why not see what you need and buy something at maybe 50-70% ready for next year. Who knows if prices will be this low again?

Vacation Time
If a fall vacation is in your plans, it often means you avoid crowds and can get discounted air fares and hotel accommodation.

Labor Day Sales
And with Labor Day just around the corner, August means it’s the perfect time to stock up on certain foods items like hamburger buns, ground beef, baked beans etc.

Think Ahead
And don’t forget to thin ahead to the holidays. I often found some of the best and inexpensive gifts while I’m shopping summer sales.

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