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Anyone try the recipes I included in last week’s Preserving Summer Produce? I made some of the strawberry jam. While I was at the store on Friday I noticed a sale on strawberries and stocked up. Now I have two jars of strawberry jam sitting in the freezer ready for winter.

We have a grapevine growing over an arbor near our patio. Most years the bounty’s been so-so and what does grow is usually eaten by raccoons looking for a bedtime snack. However, this year we cut down some trees and the vine’s getting more sun, hence a bumper crop. I checked it this morning and so far, the grapes are untouched. Now I’m thinking about making some grape jelly.

One thing that seems to go missing in my house is hangers. I saw that Walmart had a good deal…, a pack of 10 for $2. Seems the deal was even better than that. When I stopped there this morning, it was a pack of 10 for just $1.17. And while I was there I also picked up a copy of All You magazine. I’ve never read it before but the front cover said $72 worth of coupons inside. You know me, I love coupons. Seems there are coupons for just about everything, not just food. And if you go to www.allyou.com, they have more coupons. I haven’t read all the magazine yet, but it looks like it’s packed with good stuff.

And if you like cereal and movies, check out www.kelloggsmovies.com Buy specially marked boxes, collect five tokens and you get a free movie.

This week on Budget Smart Girl, things to buy in August and how cooking with herbs can make any meal taste gourmet.

Have a good week.

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